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A radio like this has never been heard. A worlwide stream music channel with an exclusive scheduling: only big hits in the best mashup, remix and rework versions. From the ’50s to the present day, from rock to electro, from funk to house. After RadioStreet, another Luciano Fiorino‘s idea that transforms our experience into something new. Reload music is not the usual music: it is old and new at the same time, it astonish and it amazes us. It is is an exciting radio that mixes, reinvents and reworks the past, present and future. Listening to this happy and different sound, so different from the others, makes you feel like you are inside an exclusive club where memories and new music mix to create new experiences. Moreover, every hour in english and Italian language, Reload News: the short bulletin with the most important european rumors. Radio Reload aims to change a horizon and give a real alternative to those who listen to online music. The listening will never be interrupted by any annoying advertising, the website and the apps will never be crowded with bulky banners, because we rely on ourselves, because together with you we all are a community and we believe that together we will sustain and grow. Reload supports itself thanks to you and those who believe in the project. In short, the radio exists if you want it. Donate now on, thank you!




06:30 - 06:32Halftime News - in British language
07:30 - 07:32Halftime News - in British language
08:30 - 08:32Halftime News - in British language
09:00 - 09:02News 'O Clock - in Italian language
09:30 - 09:32Halftime News - in British language
10:00 - 10:02News 'O Clock - in Italian language
10:30 - 10:32Halftime News - in British language
11:00 - 11:02News 'O Clock - in Italian language
11:30 - 11:32Halftime News - in British language
11:59 - 12:02News 'O Clock - in Italian language
12:03 - 14:00Reload Chart - your favorite songs from the last week
12:30 - 12:32Halftime News - in British language
13:00 - 13:02News 'O Clock - in Italian language
13:30 - 13:32Halftime News - in British language
14:30 - 14:32Halftime News - in British language
15:30 - 15:32Halftime News - in British language
16:30 - 16:32Halftime News - in British language
17:30 - 17:32Halftime News - in British language
18:03 - 20:00Reload Chart - your favorite songs from the last week
18:30 - 18:32Halftime News - in British language
19:30 - 19:32Halftime News - in British language
20:30 - 20:32Halftime News - in British language




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