SKYlights by Open Sky Wilderness Therapy


This is a podcast from Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. Nestled in the mountains of southwest Colorado and the canyonlands of southeast Utah, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy transcends traditional wilderness therapy programs by emphasizing treatment for the whole family. Our clinical approach integrates the latest in evidence-based clinical treatments with innovative and well researched holistic healing practices. On each episode of the SKYlights podcast, we speak with an expert in the field of wilderness therapy and explore the unique value the outdoor provides on the journey towards wellness, self-discovery, and growth. Open Sky treats at-risk adolescents, young adults, and their families. To learn more about Open Sky, visit us at Welcome to the podcast! We're glad you're here.

Kategorie: Gesellschaft und Kultur
  • 31 
    - Episode 28: Young Adults, Anxiety, and the Pandemic
    Wed, 07 Apr 2021
  • 30 
    - Episode 27: The Rise of Online Exploitation of Adolescent Girls
    Wed, 24 Mar 2021
  • 29 
    - Episode 26: Where the Magic Begins: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
    Wed, 10 Mar 2021
  • 28 
    - Episode 25: Parenting the Defiant Teen
    Wed, 24 Feb 2021
  • 27 
    - Episode 24: How to Stay Grounded During Times of Stress
    Wed, 10 Feb 2021
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