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Six Tackles With Gus

Mathew Thompson and league legend Phil “Gus” Gould bring you the biggest issues and in-depth analysis in Rugby League each week. 

Watch the podcast on YouTube by searching 'Six Tackles with Gus' or if you can where you're listening tap here.

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  • 233 
    - #AskGus Bonus: How to beat the Penrith Panthers
    Fri, 22 Sep 2023
  • 232 
    - "It will be a Panthers Broncos Grand Final"
    Wed, 20 Sep 2023
  • 231 
    - Russell Crowe, Vegas, and Manfred Moore
    Sun, 17 Sep 2023
  • 230 
    - Gus on players having time off “It’s not in their best interest”
    Wed, 13 Sep 2023
  • 229 
    - #AskGus Bonus: The night Gus ran into Fletch at a kebab store
    Sun, 10 Sep 2023
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