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We get it. You care about the climate crisis—but sometimes thinking about it is just too overwhelming. Well, we’re here to help with that. Host Dan Kwartler unpacks the problems and solutions behind big systemic issues in bite-sized episodes. You’ll find out which bag is best for the planet, imagine our world without humans, and follow the international journey of the very shirt on your back. Yes, we’re going to talk about the bleak stuff—it’s a crisis after all—but we’ll also share little ways you can make changes in your daily life, in your towns and cities, and at your workplaces to help change climate change. Ultimately we’re aiming for some HOPE through a focus on solutions, instead of just, you know, tumbling towards inevitable doom.

You can also get involved by joining Countdown, TED’s global initiative to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis in collaboration with Future Stewards. Find out more at countdown.ted.com

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  • 54 
    - The Big Switch, Part 1: A Crisis in the Making
    Mon, 10 Jul 2023
  • 53 
    - Why It's "Not Too Late" with Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young Lutunatabua
    Wed, 07 Dec 2022
  • 52 
    - The future of the food ecosystem -- and the power of your plate | Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli
    Wed, 11 May 2022
  • 51 
    - The tragedy of air pollution -- and an urgent demand for clean air | Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah
    Wed, 23 Feb 2022
  • 50 
    - How wind energy could power Earth ... 18 times over | Dan Jørgensen
    Wed, 16 Feb 2022
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