Rock N’ Roll Confidential by Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

Rock N’ Roll Confidential

During lockdown 2021, best-selling author Professor Jennifer Otter Bickerdike found herself nerding out about favourite songs, essential karaoke tracks and first celebrity crushes with old friends via zoom- basically, the same conversations that would take place over drinks in a pub had gone virtual due to the pandemic. From discussing the importance of Coolio to revelling in the brilliance of the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, Rock N Roll Confidential will have you laughing and crying in equal measures.

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  • - Conversations with a Bunnyman
    Wed, 10 May 2023
  • - Touring Stories with Orono of Superorganism
    Wed, 19 Apr 2023
  • - Kickin’ it with Mat Osman of Suede
    Tue, 04 Apr 2023
  • - On Call with Artist and Songwriter, Girli
    Mon, 20 Mar 2023
  • - Scott Klopfenstein of Littlest Man Band and Reel Big Fish on self esteem, leaning into insecurities and why The Wiz is truly a tear jerker
    Sun, 02 Oct 2022

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