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The Paranormal Mysteries Podcast is a weekly show that covers all facets of unexplained phenomena, including Ghosts, Cryptid Creatures and Geographic Anomalies, just to name a few. We also share personal stories sent in by our wonderful listeners.

If you believe that you or someone that you know has experienced something unexplainable and you’d like to have your story shared on the Podcast you can contact us via email or on our website.

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Kategori: Vetenskap & Medicin
  • 93 
    - Strange Experiences in the Woods
    Sun, 20 Sep 2020
  • 92 
    - Midweek Mysteries: A Haunted House & A Spirit In The Woods
    Wed, 16 Sep 2020
  • 91 
    - The Ones With Black Eyes
    Sun, 13 Sep 2020
  • 90 
    - Midweek Mysteries: Hell Hounds & Trickster Entities
    Wed, 09 Sep 2020
  • 89 
    - Listener Stories: Strange Lights & Dark Entities in the Woods
    Sun, 06 Sep 2020
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Fler poddar om vetenskap & medicin