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Manchester Conversations

This is Manchester conversations. Untold stories from the city’s unheard voices. Every single day thousands of conversations go unheard. Tales of happiness, intrigue, loss and enrichment. Sophie Sveinsson is trying to change that. Armed with a microphone, a recorder (and a cheery disposition) she is seeking out the un-told stories from this GREAT City and telling them to the world. Un-solicited, un-prepared and totally un-scripted. This is Manchester Conversations. Manchester Conversations is a Bright Bee production for MCR Live.

Radio: MCR Live
Kategori: Konst
  • - Episode 8 - Busses, Trams and Smoking Shelters
    Mon, 10 Apr 2017
  • - Episode 7 - Secrets
    Mon, 03 Apr 2017
  • - Episode 6 - Working 9 til 5
    Mon, 27 Mar 2017
  • - Episode 5 - Regret
    Mon, 20 Mar 2017
  • - Episode 4 - We Humans
    Mon, 13 Mar 2017
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