Historical Thoughts and Interpretations by Christian Basar

Historical Thoughts and Interpretations

In this blog Christian Basar analyses historical events or ideas one may encounter in the historiographical field. Though this podcast will cover many different topics, Basar’s main interests lie in military and Russian history. Thanks to Zoxo for the great logo design! Find his work on Instagram and Twitter @zoxonline

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  • 45 
    - Loyalist Life after Resettlement in Canada
    Wed, 11 Jan 2023
  • 44 
    - A Review of Catherine Merridale’s ”Ivan’s War: The Red Army 1939-45”
    Mon, 31 Oct 2022
  • 43 
    - History: Science and Fiction (Reupload)
    Mon, 17 Oct 2022
  • 42 
    - Russian History in Textbook Form: A Theoretical Analysis of ”A History of Russia, the Soviet Union, and Beyond”
    Mon, 10 Oct 2022
  • 41 
    - CJ from Cool History Bros: A Discussion about Confucianism
    Tue, 13 Sep 2022
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