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Working hard since 2012 Christopher l cheney founder of worldwidecollaboration has achieved many goals from having his own apps, to websites. Christopher has started worldwidecollaboration to bring other artist together from all over the globe and put them on his app, or website to help get them seen where ever he can. He works hard to get his team out there and he does what he can. He wants to see everyone achieve and succeed. Christopher puts his members on his online radio, website, app and more and he loves what he does. He would even love to get you on them. If you have a talent you would like to share just contact worldwidecollaboration on facebook. Let us know what you do and we will do our best to help you. We treat everyone like family becasue here at worldwidecollaboration everyone is family. Wwchypemusiclive Is the name of our radio station wwc hype music live but we put it all together as one word. That is the way we spell it and pronounce it. We started worldwidecollaboration first back in 2012 then we came up with another idea. How we wanted to make worldwidecollaboration bigger and better. The online radio came into play 1 day and we were loving it and so was everyone else. We inspired others to start their own online radio. When we first started we didn't invest into anything. We would just find free programs and we ended up blowing up off of that and we were reaching 100 thousand viewers on our website. And this was A big start but It didn't happen off the bat it all took time Before we knew it We were selling merch. We just kept on coming up with more ideas to make it bigger and better worldwidecollaboration.

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