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Elli Kokkinou - Kapia Mera

Kapia Mera

Elli Kokkinou 1618248055
Antonis Remos - Ap' T' Aeroplano

Ap' T' Aeroplano

Antonis Remos 1618247813
Panos Lantouris - Fige Tora Ap' Ti Zoi Mou

Fige Tora Ap' Ti Zoi Mou

Panos Lantouris 1618247528
Nikos Vertis - An Eisai Agapi

An Eisai Agapi

Nikos Vertis 1618247287
Panos Gavalas - Den Me Ponas, Den M' Agapas

Den Me Ponas, Den M' Agapas

Panos Gavalas 1618247114
Stelios Kazantzidis - Tis Gerakinas Gios

Tis Gerakinas Gios

Stelios Kazantzidis 1618246902
Natassa Theodoridou - Den Thelo Tetious Filous

Den Thelo Tetious Filous

Natassa Theodoridou 1618246633
Betty Daskalaki - To Tram To Teleytaio

To Tram To Teleytaio

Betty Daskalaki 1618246238
Petros Iakovidis - Gela Mou

Gela Mou

Petros Iakovidis 1618245849
Padelis Padelidis - De Se Sighoro (Sto 'ha Pi)

De Se Sighoro (Sto 'ha Pi)

Padelis Padelidis 1618245634

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