The BIM Student by Chetna Chauhan

The BIM Student

Creating awareness about BIM and Digital Transformation in AEC Industry has been our mission since inception. Since Covid hit, we started to create online content openly accessible in different forms like YouTube. Launching our Podcast ‘The BIM Student” is another effort in the same direction. Creating content in a for that is easily accessible and creating wealth of knowledge that can be used by anyone interested in it.

Category: Technology
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    - Season 1 : Recap Episode 3- Summary from Brandon Searle, Leslie Wright, Alena Tokareva's Interviews
    Mon, 17 May 2021
  • 12 
    - Season 1 : Recap Episode 2- Summary from Yigit Karanfil, Dennis Dixon and Arash Shahi's Interviews
    Mon, 10 May 2021
  • 11 
    - Season 1 : Recap Episode 1- Summary from Brent Mauti, Ian Trudeau and Roddy Handa's interviews
    Mon, 03 May 2021
  • 10 
    - E219-General Contractor's Perspective on BIM - What consultants need to know?
    Mon, 26 Apr 2021
  • - E218-BIM adoption in the Municipalities- Importance and Challenges
    Mon, 19 Apr 2021
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