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Perpetual Chess Podcast

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  • 393 
    - EP 292- Adult Improver Karen Boyd on What She Learned from a Busy Summer of Tournament Chess, and Why she Always "Plays Up" Against Tougher Competition
    Tue, 16 Aug 2022
  • 392 
    - Bonus Pod- How to Chess Podcast- How to Approach Studying the Endgame with GM Sahaj Grover
    Sun, 14 Aug 2022
  • 391 
    - EP 291- GM Alex Fishbein on Maintaining a Passion for Chess into One's 50s, (Plus great Korchnoi and Tal stories.)
    Tue, 09 Aug 2022
  • 390 
    - Bonus Pod - Dispatches from the Chennai Olimpiad with GM Axel Bachmann and Mr. Dodgy of Chessable
    Fri, 05 Aug 2022
  • 389 
    - EP 290- Dutch Trainer and Author IM Jeroen Bosch on How to Build an Opening Repertoire
    Tue, 02 Aug 2022
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