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Physics World Stories Podcast

Physics is full of captivating stories, from ongoing endeavours to explain the cosmos to ingenious innovations that shape the world around us. In the Physics World Stories podcast, Andrew Glester talks to the people behind some of the most intriguing and inspiring scientific stories. Listen to the podcast to hear from a diverse mix of scientists, engineers, artists and other commentators. Find out more about the stories in this podcast by visiting the Physics World website. If you enjoy what you hear, then also check out the Physics World Weekly podcast, a science-news podcast presented by our award-winning science journalists.

Kategoria: Nauka i medycyna
  • 169 
    - Fixing our bodies with glass
    Wed, 01 Jun 2022
  • 168 
    - Cutting the carbon footprint of supercomputing in scientific research
    Wed, 04 May 2022
  • 167 
    - JET’s record result and the quest for fusion energy
    Mon, 04 Apr 2022
  • 166 
    - Music from our material world
    Tue, 08 Mar 2022
  • 165 
    - The James Webb Space Telescope launches astronomy into a new era
    Tue, 25 Jan 2022
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