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Expanded Perspectives Podcast is your source for Ancient History, Alternative History, Cryptozoology, UFO's, Conspiracy Theories and all things Paranormal. Join the hosts and lifelong friends Kyle Philson and Cameron Hale as they dig into mysteries of our ancient past, unusual events, unbelievable creatures and undeniable truths through research and interviews with top researchers, archaeologist, historians and authors. They take a down to earth approach while maintaining and open mind. Its time for you to expand your perspective!

Kategoria: Nauka i medycyna
  • 685 
    - A Deadly Invention
    Thu, 16 Mar 2023
  • 684 
    - A Long and Treacherous Journey
    Thu, 09 Mar 2023
  • 683 
    - Haunted Police Stations
    Thu, 23 Feb 2023
  • 682 
    - Unseen Assistant
    Thu, 16 Feb 2023
  • 681 
    - The Secret Caves of "Doc" Noss
    Wed, 08 Feb 2023
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