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Eyes On Gilead: A Handmaid's Tale Podcast

Join Fiona Williams, Haidee Ireland, Sana Qadar, and Natalie Hambly every week with SBS' award-winning The Handmaid's Tale companion podcast, Eyes on Gilead. There is a lot going on in this series and we think it helps to talk it out at the end of every episode. BEST ARTS & CULTURE PODCAST - BRONZE AWARD - 2020 Australian Podcast Awards BEST FANCAST - 2019 Australian Podcast Awards

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  • 51 
    - Bonus episode: Emmy nominee McKenna Grace (aka 'Esther Keyes')
    Mon, 30 Aug 2021
  • 50 
    - Bonus episode: Emmy Nominee Adam Taylor (The Handmaid's Tale Composer)
    Mon, 30 Aug 2021
  • 49 
    - Bonus episode: Emmy Nominee Burton LeBlanc (The Handmaid's Tale S4 Head of Makeup Dept)
    Wed, 25 Aug 2021
  • 48 
    - Bonus episode: Emmy Nominee Debra Hanson (The Handmaid's Tale S4 Costume Designer)
    Thu, 19 Aug 2021
  • 47 
    - Bonus episode: Liz Garbus interview
    Fri, 02 Jul 2021
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