Everyone is Loving Bon Iver’s New Album

Last update on Oct. 3, 2016.

Everyone is Loving Bon Iver’s New Album

Image: Bon Iver Facebook Account

After almost 5 years, Bon Iver finally released a new album.

Released last Friday (September 30) “22, A Million” is the artist’s third studio album.

You can stream “22, A Million” on Spotify.

And the response from the public? It couldn’t be better!

This new work was emotionally received by the fans who shared their reactions all over Twitter in the following days.


New Bon Iver got me like pic.twitter.com/j7xTOaewCO

— Francesco Furfaro (@ffurfaro) September 30, 2016



*listening to Bon Iver*
"I don't know what he's saying but it's making me sad"

— Rebekah Cook (@rebekahlcook) October 1, 2016



ah, yes, a new bon iver album, because i love the taste of my own tears, yes, thank you

— Sammi Lauber (@slaubster) September 30, 2016



Remember the first 10 minutes of the film 'Up' when you cried a bunch? Yeah, thats what the new Bon Iver album is like.

— Tad Carpenter (@TadCarpenter) September 30, 2016



The new Bon Iver album got me feeling emotions that I never knew existed

— Joel Gustafson (@joeldavidgus) October 1, 2016


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