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Tourism Hub Podcast

Do you live and love tourism? Want to build and grow your tourism business and career? Tourism Hub will provide inspiration and education that will empower and ignite your excellence. Each week, I, your host, Despina Karatzias, will share insights and journeys of entrepreneurs and leaders in tourism. Our main aim is to learn proven strategies in tourism, digital marketing and social media and everything in between together to inspire YOUR excellence. Subscribe now and ignite your tourism excellence today. If you want to help ignite the tourism industry with a message of excellence Subscribe on iTunes ( and stay connected with special experience maker interviews, insights and inspiration to grow your tourism business and career.

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  • 39 
    - Building Psychological Wellbeing
    Mon, 23 Nov 2020
  • 38 
    - Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing for Tourism
    Mon, 16 Nov 2020
  • 37 
    - Financial Intelligence and Keeping the Lights on for Tourism, Events and Entertainment Business
    Mon, 09 Nov 2020
  • 36 
    - Digital Digest – Making a Comeback
    Mon, 02 Nov 2020
  • 35 
    - Tourism in Distress, The Good, Bad, and the Unique Opportunities Ahead
    Mon, 02 Nov 2020
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