The Impulse Techno Podcast by DJ Roo

The Impulse Techno Podcast

Arriving in Shanghai and quickly drawn to the cities vibrant underground scene Roo soon found himself working alongside many of Shanghais best artists at some of the cities top venues. Known for being able to turn his hand to almost any style he also promotes regular bass music nights and house and techno nights that have found regular homes at Dada, Logo, Lune and The Shelter while being asked to play regularly at venues like Lola, M18, Arkham, MYST Amber and many many more in Shanghai and across China as well as performing at Shanghais MIDI festivals for the last 3 years. In 2014 he joined Intransik Beats. A record label and group of DJs and producers based internationally performing, producing and promoting techno around the world. Managing their regular Shanghai night known as Bassment and representing the label. His Deck-FX bass party has also found a new home at the legendary underground music venue The Shelter and more recently he has teamed up with Shanghais top Hip Hop crew, Come Correct. Stay tuned to his sounds monthly on Soundcloud and now on iTunes

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