Dishing Disney by Dustin Wikoff & Briana Couve

Dishing Disney

Dustin & Briana, a couple who love all things Disney, sit down twice a month to discuss and analyze a variety of Disney films and topics with a grownup perspective and an adult sense of humor. Dishing Disney will give film reviews with the memories of a child filtered through an adult frame of mind. We’ll also have extra Top 5 episodes where we make our ultimate lineups regarding the topic of the day. So wish upon a star, give a little whistle, and be a part of our world as we explore the Wide World of Disney together!

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  • 69 
    - The Apple Dumpling Gang
    Thu, 03 Sep 2020
  • 68 
    - Honey I Blew Up the Kid
    Thu, 06 Aug 2020
  • 67 
    - Home On The Range
    Thu, 23 Jul 2020
  • 66 
    - Mulan 2
    Thu, 14 May 2020
  • 65 
    - Luck Of The Irish
    Sun, 22 Mar 2020
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