Baroque Banter by Pinchgut Opera

Baroque Banter

Early opera is like wine; it comes in a fascinating variety of different styles, genres, tastes and colours. Baroque Banter is Pinchgut Opera's new podcast series diving deep into the world of baroque music and offering a taste of all the varying aspects of early opera. Put on your tasting slippers, sit back and enjoy a nice full glass of music appreciation.

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  • 12 
    - Pre-Opera Podcast - Platée by Rameau
    Thu, 25 Nov 2021
  • 11 
    - Baroque Banter -The Economics of Opera
    Thu, 02 Sep 2021
  • 10 
    - Pre-opera podcast - The Loves of Apollo and Dafne by Cavalli
    Fri, 14 May 2021
  • - Monteverdi's Vespers Pre-Concert Podcast
    Tue, 16 Mar 2021
  • - Baroque Banter - The Music Scene
    Wed, 27 Jan 2021
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