Happy World Bellydance Day

Last update on 12 Mei 2017.

Happy World Bellydance Day

Did you know May 13 is World Bellydance Day?

Bellydance is an expressive dance style original from the Middle East. Which has evolved into different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance moves?

But in every Bellydance the most important thing are the complex torso moves.

This style of dance has become very popular all over the world, and its practice by many as a hobby. It’s supposed to be a great way of loosing some weight.

If you love Bellydance today is the day to practice those torso moves.

If you are looking for some great music, maybe try to search in one of our Arabic Music Radio Stations and probably you will find the right tune for your dance.

Happy World Bellydance Day!

Check out some Arabic Music Radio Stations here.

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