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Decoder is a new show from The Verge about big ideas — and other problems. Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks to a diverse cast of innovators and policymakers at the frontiers of business and technology to reveal how they’re navigating an ever-changing landscape, what keeps them up at night, and what it all means for our shared future. New episodes coming November 10th.

Catégorie: Technologie
  • 572 
    - Welcome to Decoder
    Tue, 27 Oct 2020
  • 571 
    - Best of: Shoshana Zuboff
    Wed, 30 Sep 2020
  • 570 
    - Best of: Esther Perel
    Mon, 28 Sep 2020
  • 569 
    - Best of: Patty McCord
    Wed, 23 Sep 2020
  • 568 
    - Best of: Anthony Scaramucci
    Mon, 21 Sep 2020
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