Presentation Skills for Design Students by Christina Canters - public speaking and communication skills coach

Presentation Skills for Design Students

Are you a design student or graduate? This podcast is for you! Discover how to present your projects like a boss, speak with confidence, kick ass in job interviews and fast track your career. This is stuff they don't teach you in school or university. Presentation Skills for DesignStudents podcast - public speaking,communication, careers with ChristinaCanters. Visit

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  • 78 
    - Episode 39: How to Dress for Success with Dashing Hound's Caz Little
    Wed, 04 May 2016
  • 77 
    - Episode 38: Improving Your 'Employability' with Career and Employment Guru Volker Janssen of Swinburne University
    Wed, 04 May 2016
  • 76 
    - Episode 37: What Stand-Up Comedy Taught Me About Communication Skills - with Judy Carter
    Wed, 04 May 2016
  • 75 
    - Episode 36: How to Thrive in a Large Company and Propel Yourself to the TOP: Interview with Anthony Fasano of
    Wed, 04 May 2016
  • 74 
    - Episode 35: How To Construct A Kick-Ass Elevator Pitch with Andrew Lovick
    Wed, 04 May 2016
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