Real Crime: Australian Detectives by LiSTNR

Real Crime: Australian Detectives

Real Crime investigative journalist Adam Shand speaks to Australian detectives about the iconic, true crime cases they have worked on, giving a step-by-step insider’s account of how the crimes were solved and the impact that these investigations had on the officers involved. 

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Kategoria: Yhteiskunta ja Kulttuuri
  • 28 
    - Introducing LiSTNR's newest Crime Docuseries
    Tue, 15 Nov 2022
  • 27 
    - Investigating the Fairy Meadow cold case
    Sun, 30 Oct 2022
  • 26 
    - The rise and fall of the Brothers 4 Life
    Sun, 23 Oct 2022
  • 25 
    - Police informers and corruption
    Sun, 16 Oct 2022
  • 24 
    - The Hoddle St massacre
    Sun, 07 Aug 2022
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