q: The Podcast from CBC Radio by CBC Radio

q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

Get ready to meet the artists you're talking about, and the ones you'll soon love. Whatever you're into — be it music, TV, film, visual art, theatre or comedy — q is there. Expect deep insight, and big surprises. Because on q, arts and entertainment get personal.

Radio: CBLA-FM CBC Radio One Toronto
Kategoria: Arts
  • 3813 
    - [Full episode] Ann Dowd, 4Korners, Antoni Cimolino, Erik Larson
    Fri, 22 Oct 2021
  • 3812 
    - [Full episode] Nick Nurse, Nate Chinen, Edith Vonnegut, Robby Krieger
    Thu, 21 Oct 2021
  • 3811 
    - Introducing: Tony Ho - Season 3
    Wed, 20 Oct 2021
  • 3810 
    - [Full episode] Denis Villeneuve, Brandy, Joe Dator
    Wed, 20 Oct 2021
  • 3809 
    - [Full episode] Jamie Foxx, Chris Hadfield, Anthony Q. Farrell, Jennifer Pogue
    Tue, 19 Oct 2021
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