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Crimes of the Centuries

Crime is so commonplace that it takes something particularly shocking to be labelled the “crime of the century.” Even so, there are a lot of cases that have earned the distinction. In each episode of Crimes of the Centuries, award-winning journalist Amber Hunt will examine a case that’s lesser known today but was huge when it happened. The cases explored span the centuries and each left a mark. Some made history by changing laws. Others were so shocking they changed society.

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  • 95 
    - Introducing... I Think Not! (A New True Crime Comedy Podcast)
    Thu, 05 Jan 2023
  • 94 
    - S2 Ep42: The Case of Kirk Bloodsworth: America’s First DNA Exoneration
    Mon, 05 Dec 2022
  • 93 
    - Obsessed Fest 2023 Tickets Are On Sale NOW!!!!!
    Fri, 02 Dec 2022
  • 92 
    - S2 Ep41: Illegal Luck: How the New Hampshire Sweepstakes Went Haywire
    Mon, 28 Nov 2022
  • 91 
    - S2 Ep40: The True Story Behind 'Murder Ordained'
    Mon, 14 Nov 2022
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