David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast by Classic FM

David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast

Join David Walliams as he goes on a marvellous musical journey of discovery and meets some of the most famous names from the history of music – from Ludwig ‘Grumpy’ van Beethoven to 19th-century rock star Franz Liszt. (Please note no composers were harmed in the making of this podcast).

Radio: Classic FM
Kategorie: Kinder und Familie
  • 11 
    - Episode 10: John Williams and the Chamber of Star Wars
    Thu, 14 Feb 2019
  • 10 
    - Episode 9: Weird Instruments
    Wed, 13 Feb 2019
  • - Episode 8: Clara Schumann
    Tue, 12 Feb 2019
  • - Episode 7: Beethoven
    Mon, 11 Feb 2019
  • - Episode 6: Maverick Musicians
    Sun, 10 Feb 2019
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